So you just downloaded pivot right? Well you need to know what everything does.

Now that you know what it looks like, let's get an overview of what everything does:

File: You can select New, (starts new animation) Open Animation, (load animation) Save Animation, (save your animation) Load Figure Type, (I'll get more in depth with that later) Create Figure Type, (See Load Figure Type) and last but not least Exit.

Options: You can set the width and the height of your animation.

Help: Go here for help.

Play: Plays your animation.

Stop: Stops your animation.

Repeat Check Box: Check the box if you want the animation to repeat it self.

The Bar To The Right Of Play, Stop, and Repeat: This is used for how fast you want your animation. Click the up arrow to make it faster and the down arrow to make it slower.

Drop Down Menu: You select the stick man that you want to add.

Add Figure: Adds the figure you selected on the drop down menu.

Delete: Deletes the current figure

Edit: Brings up the edit figure menu.

Center: Brings your stick man to the center of the animation.

Flip: Flips your stick man in the other direction.

Color: Changes the color of your stick man.

100 Drop Down Menu: Changes the size of your stick man. Click up for larger and down for smaller.

Next Frame: Another frame goes on the timeline.

The Stickman:

The Orange Dot: Moves the stick man's whole body.

The Red Dots: Moves the [articular limb you have your mouse on.

Now that you get the basics, you can move on to the tutorials.